The Most Important Thing

By Mark Brown   |    No Comment    |     Mark Brown

It was only a few weeks into 2014 when Mom and Dad called as they were driving back to their home in the North Atlanta area after her quarterly doctor appointment. I had grown accustomed to getting a phone call after these appointments and hearing the... - Continue Reading


By Mark Brown   |    No Comment    |     Trae Sweatt

The past year has brought a ton of changes in my life.  We have had our first child, bought a house, gutted and remodeled a house, and changed roles at Hillside. There have definitely been questions and hard conversations trying to figure out what to... - Continue Reading

Worth the Waiting

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How much time do you spend waiting? Think about it: we wait… – at stoplights – in the drive-through to get our coffee – for the elevator – for the printer to finish – on hold after getting frustrated with the “easier automated option”! –... - Continue Reading