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When I think about peace and comfort, I can’t help but think about mommas. Especially my mom! Growing up, when I was hurt or having a rough day, it was my mom that I ran too. She was always prepared to hug me, encourage me,... - Continue Reading


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As a kid, I loved everything about Christmas, and especially everything about Santa! I loved Santa movies, Santa stories, pajamas with Santa on them, putting out milk and cookies for Santa, and of course presents from Santa. I still remember Christmas when I was 4... - Continue Reading

Choosing Change

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One of my favorite sayings is, “sometimes change can be scary, but a life with no change at all is terrifying.” Over the past few months, my family and I have found ourselves choosing change. This decision hasn’t necessarily made the changes easier, but it... - Continue Reading


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The past year has brought a ton of changes in my life.  We have had our first child, bought a house, gutted and remodeled a house, and changed roles at Hillside. There have definitely been questions and hard conversations trying to figure out what to... - Continue Reading