Giving the Best


On Monday, as the world around us prepped for Halloween festivities, our family decided that we were starting a new tradition…Hallo-Wing.

Our new tradition was going to include eating chicken wings, curly fries, and catching up on all of our recorded shows that we have been neglecting. I went to the store to get our dinner necessities…all the while watching everyone around me grab face paint and mini Snickers. It was going to be a fabulous evening being home and being together. Quite honestly, I was secretly excited for this change of Halloween pace.

And then, as they do, my best plans took a drastic turn. As I pulled out of the office parking lot to head home, I realized I had a flat tire. That flat tire turned into 2 new tires on my car and a long wait at the shop. While I was waiting on the car to be finished, my daughter got a phone call from a friend inviting her to come over and help pass out candy. So, I let her go. As I finally drove home (with my two new tires), I was a little disappointed that Hallo-Wing wasn’t going to be exactly what I thought.

I sat in our home office thinking about how I was going to redeem Hallo-Wing. Our porch lights were off, and I could see the families roaming along the sidewalks of our street, skipping our unlit house.

Then, the doorbell rang and I could hear children giggling at my front door. The bell rang again, and I realized they weren’t going anywhere.

I casually strolled over and opened the front door. There I found a Minion, Cinderella, and a Power Ranger yelling “Trick or Treat” at me. I’m sure the look on my face said it all…there was not a drop of candy in our house. I had some frozen chicken wings, and a bag of curly fries, but something told me that wasn’t going to do.

Quickly, I tried to remember what I had on hand that could satisfy the need for “Tricks or Treats.” Running to the pantry, I found lunchbox-sized bags of chips! I grabbed 3 bags of Fritos and hurried back to the door. I dropped them in their sacks and just before she ran back down the driveway, Cinderella announced, “Fritos! Nobody likes Fritos.”

There was a lot of space and silence as I went to the kitchen to put the still frozen wings in the oven. And I stopped and thought about the little girl’s response, “Nobody likes Fritos.”

My mind went to Acts 20:35 from this weekend’s message. “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” I know, you don’t normally associate Fritos and Jesus, but follow me.

I grabbed the Fritos from the basket and gave them away because my kids don’t eat them in their lunches. They typically will choose the Cheetos, the Nacho Cheese Doritos, or the Sun Chips…but nobody likes the Fritos.

How many times, when we think about what scripture says about giving, do we give our leftovers instead of our best? I’m not just talking about the goodies in your pantry. I’m talking about our financial resources, our time, our energy, and our thoughts.

In a moment, a 5 year old, dressed as Cinderella, snapped me back into reality and made me question my heart about many things. What a loss for our community, for the people I lead, for my family, for everyone, when I give my leftovers and not my best.

The next morning as I was stirring my coffee and preparing for another day, I told my husband, Ryan, that I hoped the day went better than the day before. His gentle hand on my shoulder was all the encouragement that my weary, Frito giving heart needed.

As I climbed into my car, the Lord gently reminded me of some times when I gave my best, some times when I gave all I had, and also of some times when I gave my leftovers. My prayer is that you and I will always give our best even when it doesn’t make sense. Especially, when it feels like all we have left are the Fritos.


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